Advantage of Tuition Fee Free Policy: Education Ministry and Department Partner with Churches - Key

PNG Human Development Index (HDI) trend showed that 1995 was the year when PNG lost development momentum it gained after 1975 Independence. The government recognising churches and the National Department of Education as the main actors in education development could be an advantage for achieving long term plans.

Advantages of TFF policy in PNG

PNG development fluctuates -struggle to improve

Corruption in high public offices after the 1992 election is the direct effect of 30 years (to 2022) when PNG is recently classed as a Low Human Development Country. 

Many Papua New Guineas are asking has PNG made improvements in the recent HDI global rank? Sadly, the answer is no. PNG's HDI ranks yo-yos between 153 and 154 out of 188 countries - up or down by 1 point. 

That means the measured global index showed PNG progress is less to nill in the last 10 years to 2020.

What went wrong? 

Government past and present development policies have been 'reactionary' rather than 'strategic for the long term'.

The changes (Curriculum, School Structure, Free Education Policy, Examination and Standard Measurements) have direct effects on development.

Free Education Policy can only be sustainable if the Churches and the Education Department are the main ACTORS. Unfortunately, NDoE and Churches are spectators in this TFF policy - 60% of the TFF grant is handled by entities other than NDoE or Church establishments.

What matters in PNG Education

In fact, NDoE and Churches have the capacity/network to deliver the Govt's TFF policy. No doubt.

The provincial and district network has been established since 1975. The 60% (~K400 million) allocated by the govt can be, rightfully, pumped into churches and NDoE - direct. 

A detailed write-up on this topic can be found here and here

PNG School Exams 2019 Schedule for Grades 12, 10 and 8 - Approved

PNG National Examination 2019 Dates approved and released by the Department of Education on the 21st of November 2018. Note that the English Written Expression Exams will take place in the month of June and August for Grades 10 and 12 respectively.

The main School Exams for 2019 will take place in the month of October starting with Grade 10 School Exams (1-week duration), Grade 12 (1-week) and Grade 8 (4 days).

  • Written Expression Exam (Grade 10 Lower Secondary School Certificate) 
          Thursday 6th June 2019
  • Written Expression Exam (Grade 12 Upper Secondary School Certificate)
          Monday 5th August 2019
  • Examination (Grade 10 Lower Secondary School Certificate)
          Monday 7th October – Friday 11th October 2019 (1Week only)
  • Examination (Grade 12 Upper Secondary School Certificate)
          Monday 14th October – Friday 18th October 2019 (1week only)
  • Examination (Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education)
         Monday 21st October – Thursday 24th October 2019

The school year ends on the Friday 13th of December 2019. 

PNG Vote of No Confidence 21 days Delay - What Next?

The Papua New Guinea parliament adjourned for 21 days after one hour debate and tabling of the Motion of 2019 Vote of No Confidence. The parliament will resume on the 28th May 2019 when the VoNC will take place. 

Numbers Stack

Out of the 111 seats in PNG parliament, 2 (Simbu Regional and Goroka Open) are vacant, 50 in the opposition and 59 in the government.

The opposition needs only 5 MPs to tip the balance in the 2019 Vote of No Confidence.

What Next - Government Camp 

21 days is a long time. However, Mr O'Neill mentioned that he'll need the time to rebalance his government. That means that he will award the 'goodies' to where it's due. As reported by ABC resident correspondent
He [Peter O'Neill] says the adjournment is to allow him to appoint new ministers and to give them time to get across their portfolios. Nathalie Whiting
The defaulting ministerial positions are NOT vacant: Finance (filled), Attorney General (filled), Defence (vacant). If new appointments are made, it means only one thing - there is like to be a major reshuffle within the ranks and file of the PNC party-led government in the coming weeks before the  2019 Vote of No Confidence

This will result in the former Pangu Parti and People's Progress Party members being rewarded with a ministerial portfolio. Others will be looked after very well till the 21 days lapsed. There are enough bed and breakfast in the government's house. 

Meanwhile, a full tummy and a nice bed will keep a government MP happy for 20 days until the  2019 Vote of No Confidence.

What Next - Opposition Camp

As for the opposition camp, they need only 5 members to defect from the government and join them. Opposition with 50, add 5 will give them 55 to government 54.

There are more than 5 members in the government camp who are at liberty to move at their own will such as Douglas Tomuriesa. Another group that can tip the balance of power is the provincial governors. 

The member for Bulolo and his 9 MPs were, once, a long time opponent of the Prime Minister. Some PNC members are not settled for what they have. 

So, if the opposition plays its cards right, it might just topple the PNC-led government in 21 days time. 


Here is a section of the earlier post...

Leverage the loses in opposing camps 

Gaining number is what matters for the opposition between the 7th and 21st of May 2019. Of all the MPs at work, there are Magnets, Dealers, Golden Oldies, Straight Shooters, Whisperers, Power Brokers and King Makers. 

This is how the 111 MPs can be classified.

  • Magnets are the prime minister candidates seen by the people and MPs as potential leaders; 
  • Dealers are also called the briefcase carriers who will do anything to open it; 
  • Golden Oldies are dinosaurs of PNG politics; 
  • Straight shooters are the young MPs who want a better future for PNG; 
  • Whisperers are the shadowy politicians, especially the MPs who did not make their stance clear yet. 

The next two classes of MPs are a class of their own: 

  • ↣Power Brokers are different from Dealers - Power Brokers leaders. They have great listening skills. When they speak, other MPs listen in return; and
  • ↣King Makers are a combination of Magnets and Power Brokers. They are good listeners. Their actions are too selfless.
On this note, in the  2019 Vote of No Confidence you can classify your MP as a Magnet, Dealer, Golden Oldy, Straight Shooter, Whisperer, Power Broker and King Maker